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How do you perform harder for longer?
The answer lies within yourself. xFitlab's performance testing will analyze your output and body metrics to come up with a roadmap to goal crushing.

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VO2 max = 15.3 x (MHR/RHR)
MHR = Maximum heart rate (beats/minute) calculated using age = 208 - (0.7 x age)
RHR = Resting heart rate (beats/minute) = number of heart beats in 20 seconds x 3

The Rockport Fitness Walking Test (RFWT) using a 1-mile (1.6-kilometer) walk:
VO2 max = 132.853 - (0.0769 x W) - (0.3877 x A) + (6.315 x G) - (3.2649 x T) - (0.1565 x H)
W = Weight (in pounds)A = Age (in years)G = Gender factor, G = 0 for females and G = 1 for malesT = Time to complete the 1-mile walk (in minutes)H = number of heart beats in 10 seconds at the end of the 1-mile walk

V02 Max Calculator

xFitlab's core is based on actual physically measurable parameters, but for those that are interested there are equations that can guesstimate your V02 Max

V02 Ma
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